Vision of the College of Education

The vision of the Lewis University College of Education is to be regionally recognized as a Midwest leader in providing value-oriented, collaborative and research-based preparation programs for educators. Lewis University’s College of Education is imbued with a Lasallian moral and ethical legacy. This heritage compels it to consider the central role education can and should take in the creation of a more equal and just society. Therefore, the College of Education views its work as making a salient contribution to the amelioration of injustice and inequality through the preparation of educators who believe all can learn, challenge marginalizing discourses and honor diversity.

The College of Education also aligns itself with John Dewey’s notion that the school is the primary vehicle of social progress. As such, it envisions the school as an important location for challenging and transforming social ills and seeks to prepare educators who are deeply discerning, knowledgeable and critical life-long learners. It is these characteristics that are indispensable for a truly transformative educator.