Office of Graduate Studies

Letter from the Dean

Dear Graduate Student:

Welcome to graduate studies at Lewis University, whether this is your first year in graduate school or you are nearing the end of your program. While graduate school can be an exciting journey leading to new or enhanced career pathways, it also can be a very challenging time. Since your success in graduate school is our ultimate goal, this manual has been developed to provide you with information about your basic responsibilities as a graduate student and to guide you to resources that are available to help you. Our hope is to enhance your experience as a graduate student, by controlling what can be controlled which might contribute to the inevitable stress of graduate school.

Please note that this Resource Manual is not intended to be a policy and procedure manual. Specifics about policies, such as grade appeals, can be found in the Graduate Catalog, the Lewis University Student Handbook, and the student handbook of your individual program and/or college. While this Resource Manual is up-to-date at the time of publication, changes may occur during any academic year. It is critical that the student maintain vigilance in terms of official communications from the University. Please note that the University uses the student’s official university-provided e-mail account for all official communications and updates, including billing information. It is the student’s responsibility to check this e-mail account regularly and frequently.

I hope you will find the information in this resource guide helpful to you as a graduate student at Lewis University. As always, we welcome suggestions for improvements and additions to this Resource Manual. If you have questions or would like to offer suggestions or send comments about this resource manual, please feel free to contact us at


Dr. Nan Russell Yancey, Dean
University Office of Graduate Studies