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To facilitate easy access to the electronic resources you will need during your time as a student at Lewis University, you will have access to myLewis Portal. To get started, please visit

Lewis University Password Policy

Passwords are an important component of information and network security. Computer and network security has emerged as the predominant challenge for the information age. The use of a username and password combination serves to identify and authenticate a user to system resources and information assets. It is only through authenticated access that the University can be assured that systems and data are being used appropriately. Lewis University assigns a unique, unchangeable username to every user, but the password is user controlled. As such, passwords must be constructed, used and protected appropriately to ensure that the level of security they imply is actually met.

This policy describes Lewis University's requirements for password resets and acceptable password selection and maintenance. Its purpose is to reduce overall risk to the institution by helping computer users reasonably avoid security and privacy risks that result from the use of default and weak passwords.

This policy applies to all users of Lewis University-owned and maintained systems and Lewis University-provided IT services and resources. This includes, but is not limited to Lewis University faculty, staff and students. Resetting your network/e-mail password will change your active directory authenticated passwords including passwords for network, e-mail, Blackboard and myLewis.

Information regarding the user default password, password change guidelines and requirements can be accessed at

University E-mail

All students are assigned a Lewis University Google based e-mail account. This address will be used by the University for ALL official business and communications. Students are expected to check their official e-mail account on a frequent basis in order to stay current with the University's communications. A student is accountable for all business and communications sent to the student e-mail account.

To access your Lewis e-mail account, go to For additional information on how to retrieve your student e-mail address and password please go to:


Blackboard is Lewis University's online course management system which enables the student to access the materials and tools that are required for courses that are online, blended or web-enhanced. Blackboard is accessible from anywhere a student is able to connect with the Internet.

Blackboard is required for online courses offered at Lewis University; however, faculty may use Blackboard as a tool to supplement classroom instruction. All students receive a Blackboard account at the time of their application to the University is accepted.

For information on how to access Blackboard, please visit the following website:


The CASE Lab features equipment and software which promote and enrich the student learning experience and offer greater options for self-discovery and improvement. It offers students opportunities for technology support and multimedia project development. To see a list of current workshops being offered, to register for a workshop, or to request a one-on-one appointment, please visit the IMPACT Lab website at Support calls for the CASE Lab should be directed to the Technology Support Center by calling the on-campus extension 5950, (815) 836-5950 or email

Webspiration is a cloud based productivity tool for brainstorming, visual thinking, and collaboration. It provides all that is necessary to brainstorm ideas, organize information, solve problems, plan projects, write, study, and communicate more effectively. Work is secure and always available. Collaboration and review were never easier. Inviting others to work collaboratively is simple. Multiple individuals can create, edit and/or comment on the same document, depending on the rights provided at the time of the invitation. Whether working individually or within a group, this is the perfect tool for brainstorming, visual thinking, note taking, writing, planning, studying, and learning.

Webspiration accounts are not automatically created for Lewis University students. To find out more about Webspiration, check out If you are interested in this productivity tool, please contact the Technology Support Center at (815) 836-5950 or

Computer Labs

Lewis University is committed to providing learners with access to modern educational technology. The Lewis University Office of Technology (OoT) provides technology support services for the campus community. Supported technologies include computer labs, networks, Internet access, e-mail, classroom media and distributed learning resources. The Technology Support Center (Service Desk) can be reached at (815) 836-5950 or by e-mail at

Technology Support Center (Service Desk)

The Technology Support Center is normally staffed while classes are in session or when the Library is open. The Technology Support Center is available for assistance by calling the on-campus extension 5950, (815) 836-5950 or by e-mail at During evening and weekend hours, the Auxiliary Service Desk will resolve as many problems as possible. However, in some instances when an issue must be handled by regular full-time staff, the incident will be forwarded to the appropriate department for handling upon their return during normal business hours. Please note that depending on the severity, critical issues affecting multiple users may be escalated for out-of-hours resolution.

For additional information such as hours of operation please visit:

To submit a ticket, please go to:


Lewis University provides wireless internet service across the main and satellite campuses. The Student wireless network is named “LewisWiFi”, and you will be prompted to enter a passcode in order to connect. The passcode can be acquired by logging into the myLewis portal:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Select the “Resources” tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the “Wireless Code – Lewis WiFi” image in the Support Resources section (bottom right corner)