Learn how to lead all facets of a business enterprise.

Designed for the convenience of the working adult, Lewis' Business Administration program will prepare you for effective enterprise leadership - ready to make strategic decisions with the future in mind.

Every company is on the lookout for new leaders. Leaders able to navigate the ever-evolving, rapid-fire nature of the 21st century. Leaders who can think on their feet and react to new threats and new opportunities. Globalization. Technology. Economic turbulence. Whatever's around the corner. All while effectively managing people, processes and systems into the future.

You can gain the knowledge these companies are looking for.

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With a curriculum that focuses on practical, hands-on skills, you will be precisely prepared with the abilities and knowledge you will use on the job - helping public, private and nonprofit organizations make smarter business decisions.

As a Business Administration degree student at Lewis University, you will learn:

  • How individuals and organizations interact in a wired, global society
  • How to effectively manage people, processes and organizational resources
  • Smart decision-making and successful team-building strategies
  • Core business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, leadership, information technology and quantitative decision making

100% Online Option

We also offer this degree program in a completely flexible online format to help you balance education and your personal life.

Community College Transfer Guides

See how your existing coursework transfers over.

Bachelor's to MBA Option

Plus, many of our students use this Business Administration program to accelerate their MBA in as few as 10 additional courses with Lewis' Bachelor's to MBA Program.

In this economic climate, there are few investments that beat out the return of a business degree.


For more information contact the Office of Admission at admission@lewisu.edu.

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